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Conditions of Sale

Cancellations are not acceptable before completion date. If cancellation is necessary, it must be by written request to the factory. If accepted, you may be charged a 15% of the value of the canceled portion for handling. COMPLETION DATE INDICATES FINAL DAY FROM WHICH THE MERCHANDISE ORDERED CAN BE SHIPPED FROM THE FACTORY. ALLOW UP TO 8 DAYS TRANSIT TIME FROM DATE OF THE SHIPMENT. We hold customer accountable for two-way freight/service charges on refused deliveries. All claims for shortages or defects must be submitted in writing with 5 days of receipt of merchandise. All returns should be within 30 days. No returns accepted without authorized sticker. Authorization will be sent only upon written request at factory's address, specifying style, size, color, and brief description of nature of damage and/or discrepancy. Should our production be curtailed by unavoidable causes, we reserve the right will be levied on all payments beyond the specified due date. Due date is considered the date by which all payments must be received by the factory. In an event there is any litigation involved, either in collecting an invoice or otherwise, the liable party hereby agrees to pay the attorney's fees, interests, collection company’s fees and other costs to the winning party. In an event there is a legal dispute, all parties agree to be governed by Alameda County, State of California.

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