Our Guarantee
Renegade Sportswear

Premium Quality

Our customers deserve the very best. We don't try to increase our profits by purchasing cheap garments. We don't sell you anything we wouldn't be proud to wear ourselves. We purchase high quality garments that resist fading and shrinking. On many of our products, we pay extra for discharge printing which ensures a soft print that shows minimal fading and cracking over time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You're our #1 priority. We promise you’ll be satisfied, or we’ll make it right. That is our commitment to you.

Fast Shipping

With an array of reliable shipping solutions available, we can send packages conveniently and confidently. We process your order immediately; then pick and send out your shipment at our earliest. Whether it is a small shipment or a large pallet quantity, we search for the most effective yet cost-competitive option.

Weather Proof

There’s nothing wrong with a statement piece, but we like stoic clothes – garments that don’t whine and don’t wear thin. Built for the long haul, these clothes are carefully made of the right stuff and designed for function rather than form. Your favorite pair of khakis will have dissolved to dust before these hoodies and jackets give up the ghost. These are the clothes that will outlast you.

Affordable Prices

Providing a product at the lowest price point in your market sounds like a sure way to attract customers and gain an edge on your competition — but it’s not always that easy. The problem is that the brands with this strategy are rarely considered high-quality; therefore, customers have no loyalty and no reason to stick around. Renegade Sportswear offers a mix of quality and pricing. Our brand reputation and reputation of your store is strategic concern.

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